Instructions for Processing

Fibers are processed in the order received. Processing charges are assessed on arrival weight. Please include printed instructions for each fleece. Be sure to include address, phone and email address. Prices quoted are an estimate. Additional washings will be added as needed. Finished fiber to be paid for and arrangements made for pick up or shipping within 30 days of notice of completion. Notice will be made by phone, email or US mail. Fiber drop off constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Fibers must be 2-6 inches in length, strong fiber (no breaks) with no bugs or casings and as little debris as possible for best results. Excessive matting, dirt and debris increases weight, costs you money & limits choices. Debris will not disappear. Skirting is the only process that will remove it.

Wool must be clean to go through the delicate machinery. Wool will be checked on arrival to determine if additional washing is required. Fiber cannot be tacky.

Washing fibers must be squeaky clean to slip past each other during the carding process. We wash fibers in mild detergent to remove grease and dirt. Standard wash consists of pre-rinse, wash, light rinse and final rinse. Fibers requiring more cleaning will be charged $.75 a pound for each additional wash cycle required. Merino and & other heavy grease wool most likely will require additional washings.

Our machine picker opens the fibers before they go through the carding machine. Picking keeps wash to a minimum, allowing more of your fiber to be processed. Hand picking maybe required for extra tender or long fleeces. Hand picking is billed by the amount of time required. (This service is only available with complete processing)

Carding: makes fibers parallel for spinning and is the largest part of the job.

Roving: Lightweight ropes of fiber, smooth and easy to spin. roving is generally loose.

Batts: Generally batts weigh 3/4 of a pound and work well for quilts and felting. Some experienced spinners will prefer to spin from batts. The thickness of batts varies according to the type of fiber.


Roving (complete process$8.00/lb for wool$10.00/lb exotics
Batts (complete process)$7.00/lb for wool$9.00/lb exotics
Wash only$5.00/lb for wool$7.00/lb exotics
Machine pick only$5.00/lb for wool$7.00/lb exotics
Hand pick$15.00/hour
Wash and pick$6.00/lb for wool$8.99/lb exotics